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SiFi - Function description

The SiFi was originally planned as a koi pond pre filter, after nearly 10 years, SiFi can be found in all kinds of ponds.

The SiFi Filter cartige is a self cleaning sieve filter and can be used in almost any „Vortex-Filter“  or waste sedimentation basins. The SiFi provides crystal clear water because all coarse materials, like fish food, plant parts, algae and suspended matter lager than 0.2 mm are filtered out. Afterwards the so mechanically precleaned pond water is rehashed appropriate for fish inside of the additional biofilter.

SiFi provides 

  • crystal clear and healthy water
  • easy disposal of waste materials
  • prolongation of filter cleaning intervals
  • support of the biofilter
  • increased efficiency of the biofilter by additional place for filter material
  • full integration in gravitation-filter system
  • low purchasing and small running costs


Functional principle

The SiFi was planned originally as a prefilter for a Koi pond, today, after nearly 10 years, we find the SiFi in all pond kinds in action.

As soon as the pond pump operates, the dirty pond water flows through the high-grade steel sieve (1) and reaches through the exiting overflow pipe (3) into the biofilter. Because the filtered waste materials block the sieve very fast, a continuous cleaning of the sieve is necessary. This cleaning is provided by the rotary flushing unit (4) of the SiFi. The necessary water can be taken with a small force pump (5) at the pump connection in the base plate of the SiFi. The water will be pumped into the upper connection of the flushing unit (6) and the sieve is cleaned with the spray arms.The dirt washed up of the sieve and the coarse dirt sink on the filter ground where they are released through the ground expiry.



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